Online Encrypted Card Transactions

The New Way to Pay Online with your encrypted cards on your Android and iPhone that merchants do not see and who offer discounts to be paid online by encrypted cards.

Go to Apple TestFlight. Checkout CT in development.

CTCheckoutApp in closed testing on Google Play

We expect that our CT Checkout App will soon be published on Google Play and the App Store.

Peace of Mind When You Buy Online

ct reader

With our CT Reader, you only need to encrypt your cards one time on your iPhone or Android app. You do not need the CT Reader again, and you can use your encrypted cards repeatedly with web merchants who do not see your encrypted cards. This eliminates risk of identity and card data theft. 

Our marketing strategy is to place the CT Readers at First Market Segment Merchant stores who also sell online.  First Market Segment merchants will receive an ongoing monthly 10% of the revenues that we generate from the First Market Segment merchant competitors being paid by online encrypted cards from May 1, 2024 to May 1, 2025.


stop credit card fraud

eCommerce Fraud has been a Growing Problem

Studies suggest that eCommerce payment fraud exceeded $48 billion in 2023, which is up from $41 billion in fraud losses in 2022.

The Problem:

Security Threats

  • Risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive customer information.
  • Potential exposure to fraudulent activities and transactions.

Chargebacks and Disputes

  • High incidence of chargebacks and customer disputes, impacting merchant credibility.
  • Complex and time-consuming dispute resolution processes.

High Transaction Costs

  • The burden of high transaction fees and processing costs, impacting profit margins.
  • Currency conversion fees for merchants involved in international transactions.

Our Solution:

vivopay 3300

Security Technology

  • Online ViVOpay Card Reader Encrypted Card Technology
  • WordPress / WooCommerce Checkout Plugin

Save Money

  • Save an average of 52% on transactions by using our encrypted card service when compared to a traditional type-in card payment.
  • Never lose a “No Knowledge” dispute.

Customer Trust and Loyalty

  • Building and maintaining customer trust in online transactions.
  • Fostering customer loyalty in a competitive market.

Easy Sign Up Process:

  1. Sign up as an online encrypted card Merchant.
  2. We’ll send you more details.
  3. You install and activate our Plugin in your WordPress admin section.
  4. Once the Plugin is activated, you’ll be able to see the encrypted card option in your store’s checkout cart. This will not affect your normal checkout options – our Plugin simply ads an encrypted card payment option.

Merchant Signup:

If you have a store where we can place the CT Reader, and you also sell online, then you can be the First Merchant in your Market Segment to be paid by encrypted cards at your website and receive 10% monthly from what we make when your competitors are paid by online encrypted cards from May 1, 2024 to May 1, 2025.  Contact us today to be the First Merchant in your Market Segment: 951-468-4370 or


You can buy two Market Segments today for $600 and receive an ongoing 10% of our online encrypted card transactions revenues in those market segments from May 1, 2024 to May 1, 2025.

Market Segments already sold:

Golf, Gas Stations, Pizza Shops, Coffee Shops, Women’s Hair Salons, Theaters, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Jewelry Stores, Online Medical Care, Online Lottery, Online Casino, Online Sports Online Poker, Online Horse Racing, and Pharmacy have been purchased.

There are still many market segments that are available to be paid online by encrypted cards which saves an average of 52% and they can’t lose a No Knowledge dispute.

You can also resell your market segments to a third party.  What do you think would be the value of your $600 market segments in October 2024?

All Business to Business online merchants market segments can be paid by online encrypted cards.  All consumer online merchants market segments can be paid by online encrypted cards.

Contact: with the market segments you want. Or call 951-468-4370 with the market segments you want.