The New Way to Pay Online

Peace of Mind When You Order Online


Keep your personal information offline, safe from hackers and identity theft.


Discounts & cash back from over 1,200 online merchants.


Refer others and get paid. $100 per merchant lead when they accept CT Checkout for payments!

Get egift cards with CASH BACK from your favorite stores.

Gift Cards from all of your favorite national brands, including Amazon, CVS, Walmart, and more! Get Cash Back on the cards you purchase when you use CT Checkout!

Visit our CT Checkout Store and see all of our available cards today!

CT Checkout provides the most secure way to make online purchases, connecting the CT Checkout prepaid debit card to our encrypted eWallet App on your smart device.

CT Checkout enables you to shop and pay online safely. No one sees your card data which means no hacking or identity theft of your encrypted cards.

Get Great Deals from Participating Merchants and CASH BACK from over 1,200 Brands.

As an early adopter of CT Checkout, you’ll receive a free $10 encrypted prepaid debit card to connect to the app.

From there, you’ll receive an ongoing 25% cash-back earned from over 1,200 brands in the CT Checkout Rewards Mall.*

For example, if a national merchant has a 6% cashback and you spend $100, you will get $6 for that purchase.  CT Checkout will give you an additional 25% = $1.50, just for being a charter member – making your total cashback on this transaction = $7.50!

Visit our CT Checkout Store and our CashBack Mall!

*Reserved for the first 1,000 early adopters. Sign up today!


When you make a purchase in-store using their terminal, you are making what is called a “card-present” payment. The transaction is secured, and no one ever sees your card data. 

When you make a purchase online, your card is vulnerable to hackers and identity theft.

If a cyber thief captures your card information, it could take months to recover your money and identity, not to mention your immediate loss and the pain and hassle associated. 
Making a card payment online.

You can protect your spending by using the CT Checkout app.

As a member, you’ll receive a $10 encrypted prepaid debit card which connects to the secure CT Checkout app. You can reload your prepaid debit card, which will be reflected in the app. 

Whenever you use CT Checkout to shop online, your data will be safe.

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