CT Checkout

Convert your iPhone or Android phone into your personal consumer terminal.

Keep financial information off the Internet

Your CT app Keeps Your Card Data Off the Internet

Our CT Checkout app converts your iPhone and Android phone into your personal consumer terminal by enabling you to make encrypted card transactions that are never seen by CT Checkout web merchants who are paid at a card swiped rate.

To see an encrypted card, install your CT Checkout app and then log into your CT app with: see@ct.com and 1221 as your password.

Touch a pending payment and Pay Now. That’s an encrypted prepaid debit card. We can’t decrypt it as the encrypted card was generated by the swiping of the prepaid debit card on an ID Tech terminal.

We can remotely place a prepaid debit card with value, on the Payment Options screen of your CT app. Contact us at 855-800-4746 to request that we place the encrypted prepaid debit card on your CT app.

Web Merchants: Contact us at merchants@ctcheckout.com to learn how you can add CT Checkout to your payment page and be paid by encrypted cards at a card swiped rate. You keep your current type in your card choice. With an encrypted card payment, there is now is a terminal, (an iPhone or Android phone) between you and your customers. This stops you losing a friendly fraud dispute as the disputer has to explain to the card issuer how someone had the disputer’s phone and knew how to log into the disputers CT app.

Watch the short demo video to learn more.

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