Merchant FAQ

  1. How Do I Add The CT Checkout choice to my website?

    At, click the Merchant Application tab. Send that along with a voided check to

  2. Can I keep my current checkout service?

    Yes, CT Checkout is an additional choice at your checkout page.

  3. What is my effective surcharge cost savings when being paid by an encrypted card?

    From 1 to 2%

  4. Why do I save on a lower surcharge cost with a CT Checkout?

    The encrypted card translates to Track 1 and Track 2 data from the mag strip of the card that our CT Checkout gateway sends to WorldPay. Track 1 and Track 2 data can only be produced when a card is swiped and on a magnetic strip card reader. The result is that your surcharge from a CT Checkout encrypted card is at a card swiped rate for you.

  5. Is a Pinnaclecart merchant?

    Yes, and we have confirmed our effective rate cost savings with our merchant statement.

  6. What is your cost to purchase a Shuttle card reader from ID Tech?

    Our current cost is $37. We can provide you with two Shuttle card readers to initially test at our if you wish to. You can purchase the Shuttle card reader from us for $37 plus shipping. See our CT Checkout store.

  7. Is the card reader only used to create the encrypted cards and then no longer necessary?

    Yes, once the encrypted card is on your customers mobile wallet, they no longer need the card reader but can loan their card reader to their friends to activate their phones with encrypted cards stored on their mobile wallets.

  8. So the encrypted card used to make a purchase at my website is not on the Internet?

    And if a dispute happens when a customer says that they don’t recognize the transaction, the customer will have to explain who had their phone and knew how to log into their CT Checkout app.
  9. If I do send the card reader to my customers, do I also share in revenues when they are paying another merchant?

    Yes, you will receive ongoing revenue sharing.