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The New Way to Transact Online

Q: How Does CT Checkout work?

A: In-store: When you make a card purchase at any business using their terminal, you are making what is called a “card present” payment. No one ever sees your card data.

When you make a purchase online, your card data is vulnerable to hackers and identity theft.  The information you enter online may be susceptible to being captured and used elsewhere without your knowledge or permission.

CT Checkout has developed the ability to transact online with the same security and confidence as if you held a point of sale terminal in your hand, because you do with your Android and iPhone.

Multiple types of cards can be placed on your CT Checkout app by a one time insert or swipe of the chip or mag strip of your debit or credit cards on the CT Reader. Once your cards have been inserted or swiped onto your CT Checkout app, they can be used continually to make encrypted card online transactions from shopping to bill payments to donations to betting to B2B commerce.

As a member, you can also receive a prepaid debit card with $10 preloaded to your CT Checkout e-wallet, which you can use with the CT Checkout e-wallet, as well as to make purchases both online and in retail locations. 

With the CT Checkout e-wallet and app, your iPhone or Android phone now acts as a personal consumer terminal. 

Q: What is included as a member of CT Checkout?

A:  With CT Checkout, you get maximum privacy and security – your sensitive data is never entered, transmitted or stored, and your identity remains safe. 

You also get access to additional discounts and cashback from participating CT Checkout merchants, as well as cashback from over 1,200 online national merchants. Shop online as a CT Checkout member with your physical prepaid debit card at our online cashback rewards mall, and get up to 35% cashback on purchases you are already making today! Also, the first 1,000 Charter members receive an additional 25% over the posted cash back offers! You must be a member of CT Checkout to access the 1200 national merchants with your prepaid debit card from the CT Checkout online rewards mall.

You also get access to special referral bonuses:

Get Paid $10 for joining the CT Club and ordering your encrypted prepaid debit card.

Get Paid $10 for every friend who uses your card reader to place their encrypted card(s) on their phone.

Get Paid $100 for every web merchant we sign up with your lead.  Send your web merchant decision maker leads to: leads@

Q: How do I earn and get cashback? 

A: Simply start by signing up as a CT Club member. Then you can go to our exclusive CT Club member online rewards mall and sign up – it’s completely free!.  

Once you have signed up and activated your rewards mall account, you can browse over 1200 national merchants or search for specific products and merchants for what you want. Click the link from the mall to visit the merchant’s site, and make your purchase – that’s it! Your rewards will show in your mall account within 3-5 business days, and be available for you to redeem within 45 days.

Also, as a limited time offer, CT Checkout is providing an additional 25% of the cashback you earn, just for becoming a charter member! For example, if a national merchant has a 6% cash and you spend $100, you will get $6 for that purchase.  CT Checkout will give you an additional 25% = $1.50, just for being a charter member – making your total cashback on this transaction = $7.50!

Q: What stores can I shop at and use CT Checkout with today?

A:  You can shop online today with your physical prepaid debit card at our Cash Back Mall and you can use your encrypted prepaid debit card on your CT Checkout app at our initial CT Merchants – CT CHECKOUT, and more merchants are adding CT Checkout as a payment option to their websites everyday!

Contact Us – Email: consumerterminal@ or Toll Free: 800-484-4931