CT Cashback Mall

FROM OVER 1,200 Brands

Welcome to ultimate rewards

CT Checkout is proud to offer our online national cashback and rebate mall, where you can visit over 1200 national brands and merchants online – websites you are already shopping with – and receive cashback on your purchases!

To gain access, simply Sign Up for CT Checkout and you will be registered to access these limited offers. We will send you a free encrypted prepaid debit card with $10 you can use to shop through the mall!*

You can use your card (or any card for that matter) when shopping through our Cash Back Mall. We will also encrypt your prepaid debit card in your CT Checkout app to use at web merchants who can be paid with CT Checkout.

As an early adopter, you will also get an additional 25% of your earned cashback from CT Checkout! Simply register for an encrypted prepaid debit card, and you’re included.

View the CT Checkout Cashback Mall.

*Mall Merchants currently only accept traditional (typed-in) card payments. Encrypted CT Payments coming soon.

We also have direct CT Checkout Merchants who offer members deep discounts!  You can shop today with your free $10 prepaid card with any of our CT Merchants.  Just for being a member, you get 10% off all items when paying with CT Checkout at participating merchants.

One of our goals is to sign up thousands of web merchants who can be paid using the CT Checkout app. Want to earn extra money? We will pay you $100 plus 25% of our revenues with you that we generate from any web merchants you refer that sign up and accept CT Checkout on their website. Contact: leads@ with your web merchant  leads.

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CT Checkout provides the most secure way to make online purchases, using the CT Checkout personal encrypted eWallet App on your iPhone or Android phone. With CT Checkout, you can make safe end-to-end encrypted payments to CT Checkout web merchants, and your card data remains secure and private. No sensitive information is ever entered or transmitted over the public internet.

Contact Us – Email: consumerterminal@ or Toll Free: 800-484-4931