CT Club News: September 2021

CT Club News: September 2021

Peace of Mind When You Order Online

Welcome to the first monthly CT Club Newsletter.

As a CT Club member, you are part of a new eCommerce where no one types in their card data online, risking hacking and identity theft, but instead uses their encrypted card(s) on their CT Checkout app to make payments, and no one sees the encrypted card data.

We have named this new eCommerce CTEC for Consumer Terminal Encrypted Card.

And everyone wins.

  • CT Club members win as no one sees their encrypted card data
  • eCommerce merchants win as their merchant rate is 1% and lower when paid by encrypted cards as compared to type-in card payments and the web merchants never see their customers’ encrypted cards.
  • Card issuers win as online friendly fraud losses are substantially reduced when eCommerce merchants are paid by encrypted cards.

An online encrypted card payment is as if the eCommerce merchant was paid by an in-person card swiped payment.

  • eCommerce began in the 20th century (1995) when a merchant terminal cost $4,000 and Visa and Mastercard promoted typing in bank card information at eCommerce merchants’ websites.
  • Today in the 21st century over 5 billion plus global online users are typing in their card data and risking the eCommerce merchant to be hacked and their cards stolen and sold.
  • Today over 24 million global eCommerce merchants are paid by typed in card payments
  • CT Checkout Store: https://ctcheckoutstore.com is the first eCommerce merchant to be paid by encrypted cards.

An eCommerce merchant with a WooCommerce shopping cart using WordPress for content management can easily add encrypted card payments to their checkout page as an alternative to typed in card payments. and save 1% and more compared to typed in card payments.

Sign up at https://merchants.ctcheckout.com/

Generating your own encrypted cards using your Shuttle card reader.

CT Club News subscribers to CT Club News can buy their Shuttle card reader for $50.00, temporarily reduced from $100.00!

You can use your Shuttle card reader on your iPhone or Android phone to swipe your debit or credit cards into encrypted cards on your CT Checkout app.  No eCommerce merchant sees or records your encrypted cards. That means there is nothing for hackers to find.

Get your own Shuttle Card Reader today at CTCheckoutStore.com!

CT Member Exclusive eGift Cards with Cash Back!

CT Members can now visit CT Checkout Store and purchase national brand eGift cards using CT Checkout and receive cash back!

CT Checkout receives various discounts when you purchase a gift card. When we receive a discount, we pass it on to you. Your Cashback will be loaded onto your prepaid card tied to your CT App.

Search for your favorite brand today!

Get paid $100 for every eCommerce website that adds CT Checkout as a payment option!

eCommerce Websites, Business to Business (B2B) merchants, Gaming eCommerce merchants all take payments online, and you can earn $100 for every one you send to CT Checkout.

Send all merchant contact information to leads@

eCommerce Websites

Anyone who runs an online business today absolutely must take payments on their website.

This means they must sign up with a company that allows them to accept credit and debit card payments.

Most processors charge almost 3% + individual transaction fees. CT Checkout charges 1.90% + $0.25, saving merchants nearly a full percent on every transaction!

Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce merchants

Over 95% of B2B transactions are online, and many of the payments are typed in card payments to the recipient business.

When paying with an encrypted card, the paying business knows that their company encrypted card is not seen by the recipient business and the recipient business knows that they are saving 1% and more when paid by an encrypted company card.

Gaming eCommerce merchants

The USA state-regulated eCommerce gaming merchants market is growing and is currently being paid by typed in card deposits and can expand its customer base by adding encrypted card payments to their checkout page.

Send all merchant contact information to leads@

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