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Payments Cost Comparison

TodayThe Future of eCommerce
Card Present (Face to Face at store)Card Not Present (Online Typed-in Card Payment Transactions)Online encrypted card transactions (Hybrid Transaction  – CT Checkout)
Lowest risk and lowest cost for merchantHigher risk and higher cost for merchantLower risk and lowest cost for eCommerce merchant
Average Merchant rate below 2% Average Merchant rate 2.95% + 0.29Average Merchant rate 1.95% + $0.10
Example: Wow Products – Jane buys a dress for $100
In StoreOnline (Today)Online with CT Checkout
Jane swipes her card for $100. Wow pays $2 to process the transaction and card information is secure (Wow never sees the card data as the terminal transmits it).Jane types in her card information online. Wow pays $3+ for the transaction and card information is susceptible to being hacked (Wow’s website transmits the card data). Jane swipes her card only once into an encrypted card on her iPhone and Android phone, and does not need to do so again, and then checks out online, and pays with her CT App. Wow pays just over $2 for the transaction and card information is secure (Wow never sees the card data).

Online hybrid encrypted card payments are the future of eCommerce and the end of typed in card payments.

Be the first eCommerce merchant in your market segment category and make an ongoing 10% when your competitors are paid by an Encrypted card.

Contact for more information. Only one merchant per category.

Attention WordPress/WooCommerce Merchants!

Our CT Payments Plugin is now available for easy installation and setup – 3 simple steps!

  1. Sign up to accept CT Payments and get your MID (Merchant ID).
  2. Install and setup the CT Payment Plugin.
  3. Start enjoying lower fees and new customers!

It’s that easy to start saving!


And, for a limited time you can choose a free $5 eGift card at our CT Checkout Store and we will send it to you just for signing up! All for using an additional way to be paid, at a savings of over 50%, and you never see your customers’ card data.

Also, when you refer other web merchants to us you get paid $100 for each website that adds CT Checkout as a payment option!

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Why choose CT Checkout for your online business?

Your business can save anywhere between 50-150 bps on consumer spend online when consumers use CT Checkout. Your CT Checkout encrypted card web merchant rate is 1.90% + $0.25.

An encrypted card through CT Checkout will always win a “No Knowledge” dispute for your business.

These are not gift cards, CT Checkout provides consumers with reloadable prepaid debit cards. When consumers use CT Checkout cards at your eCommerce site, fraud is eliminated completely, as payments made are all secure and verified.

For every consumer you refer that signs up you get $10. For every merchant you refer that adds CT Checkout you $100 plus 25% residual monthly from processing fees collected – generating passive revenue for your business.

CT Checkout offers branded prepaid debit cards, a branded payment app, and an online rewards mall to your company. Any combination of these can be utilized and combined with your current consumer offerings (loyalty points, etc.).

Gift card security is a chargeback problem waiting to happen. The charges on customers’ payment cards used to buy the gift cards used in these schemes are virtually guaranteed to be disputed sooner or later. CT Checkout encrypted cards and our fraud prevention proprietary technology STOPS fraud, theft, and tampering dead in their tracks while bringing substantial savings.

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