CT Checkout

The Future of Ecommerce Payments

Smart Consumers

Shop with a peace of mind. Encrypt your credit or debit card and never worry about identity theft.

Ecommerce Businesses

Save on card processing fees.
Eliminate customer disputes. No hacking or identity theft.

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For Consumers

Download the CT Checkout App to your smart phone to…

  • Earn cashback every time you use our app to shop and purchase products with one of our member merchants.
  • eCommerce merchants never capture their customers card data when paid with the CT Checkout encrypted card.

For Ecommerce Businesses

Solution for Ecommerce Retailers
Add the CT Checkout plugin to your checkout cart to…

  • Save on transaction fees.
  • Eliminate customer disputes.
  • Give your customers a peace of mind by offering encrypted cards as a payment method at checkout. No hacking or identity theft.


“CT Checkout provides customers with a peace of mind and the store owner with added security at checkout.”


“If you get a lot of return customers, the ctcheckout plugin could work well for you since you’d be saving some money through lower processing fees.”